IUA Circular 077/20

"From Sir to Ma'am - Examining Gender and the Feminine Man"

with Julie Miller, Transgender Consultant and Inspirational Speaker

Event Date:  Wednesday 08 Janaury 2020

Time:  12noon to 1pm

Venue:  ACORD Conference Room, ACORD Offices, 8th floor, 1 Minster Court Mincing Lane, London EC3

Subject:  This market briefing will discuss contemporary transgender science, psychology, culture and history,  and why men should, and must, be encouraged to express their femininity.

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager, 020 7617 4451

This is a free event, but names and email addresses of all attendees are required for registration.  Please click here to register.

ID will be required for building pass at 1 Minster Court, upon arrival.

The British Army has a distinctive reputation globally earning a worldwide standing for excellence, a reflection of the quality of those who serve and have served. As an inspirational employer who embraces diversity and inclusivity, soldiers are trained in leadership with skills for life and the opportunity for all.

Major (Retired) Bernie McClean, a mechanical engineer and former British Army Officer, represented masculinity, by riding fast motorcycles and engaging in challenging sports including mountain biking, windsurfing and downhill ski racing.

However, Bernie first became aware of his dominant feminine side as a teenager but in late 20th century society, boys were not supposed to be feminine, and to try escaping this innate aspect of his personality, he focused on his army career spanning 25 years, including the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and Army Staff College.

“It’s vital that the Army is a true representation of the society it exists to defend. The society we recruit from is increasingly diverse which enriches the contribution individuals can make throughout their Army Service.“ General Mark Carleton-Smith, Chief of the General Staff, British Army.

As he approached middle age, Bernie courageously confronted his feelings and in 2016, he visited an NHS gender identity clinic where he was diagnosed with “gender dysphoria”, a “mismatch between gender identity and biological sex”. He has learned to live a gender-fluid lifestyle and now lives half the week as Julie Miller, a transwoman, and the other half as a feminine man.

Society still seems terrified by men who go beyond their classical gender role and, at this market briefing event, Julie/Bernie will share her/his  journey discussing contemporary transgender science, psychology, culture and history and why men should, and must, be encouraged to express their femininity in the community and importantly, at their place of work.

Our Speaker:

Julie Miller/Bernie McClean is a professional engineer, qualified to MSc level, whose presentational skills have been honed during a 25-year army career. Julie/Bernie now uses her\his skills to “command” an audience, and deliver well-polished presentations as an inspirational speaker on all matters relating to transgender issues. Julie/Bernie is also a member of the Beaumont Society.

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