IUA Circular 078/18

Dry Docking and the Cost and Time of Ship Repairs

with Harish Gopalakrishnan, Consultant Naval Architect, London Offshore Consultants

Event Date:  Wednesday 07 November 2018

Time:  12noon to 1pm

Venue:  ACORD Conference Room, ACORD Office, 8th floor, 1 Minster Court, Mincing Lane, London EC3

Subject:  This market briefing will cover a brief description of the docking cycle, key differences between a planned and an unplanned docking. Costs incurred by ship owners during a repair docking and minimising vessel downtime will also be highlighted.

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

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From the newbuilding yard to the breaking facility, a ship undergoes several maintenance cycles over her working life, some of which are planned and there are few others which are unforeseen.

Unscheduled vessel interruption is a concern for both ship owners and insurers alike due to the high costs involved. The downtime could be due to a variety of reasons and in most instances requires the vessel to dock for repairs.

Given that the cost of drydocking makes up the majority of the hull and machinery, collision and grounding claims this market briefing aims to highlight the key differences between a scheduled and an unscheduled docking, various elements of costs incurred and options to mitigate downtime.

It will also look at representative costs and typical practices across shipyards in Europe, followed by a general overview of shipyards in the Middle East and Far East.

Our Speaker:

Since joining LOC in 2017, Harish Gopalakrishnan has provided naval architecture consultancy services to P&I clubs, law firms and hull insurers.  He is primarily focused in the areas of new construction disputes, conversion / repair disputes, design disputes and claims arising from issues about technical management.

Prior to joining LOC, Harish worked with a ship manager based in the Port of London, with involvement in new construction project management of Roll on-Roll off vessels and bulk carriers. Acting as the single point of contact for all naval architectural matters, his projects included new building assignments and repair projects in Germany, Japan, China & South Korea.

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