IUA Circular 084/21

Elections to the IUMI Technical Committees

Date: 27 September 2021

Interest Groups: Contacts of Ordinary and Affiliate Members, IUA Marine Contacts

Subject: Nominations sought for election to the IUMI Technical Committees

IUA Contact: chris.jones@iua.co.uk, Director of Legal and Market Services (020 7617 5447)

Downloads accompanying this circular: 
1. IUMI Technical Committee Nomination Form
2. Terms of Reference for Technical Committees (September 2021)

As a national member association of the International Union of Marine Insurance (IUMI), IUA, through the secretariat and member companies, provides representation to the various IUMI Technical Committees (TCs). 

In line with the IUMI Articles of Association, each year after the IUMI conference re-elections for the vacant seats in the TCs are held by the IUMI Council. The purpose of this circular is to make IUA member companies aware of the vacancies and nomination and election process. To this end, the links above access a nomination form and the generic Terms of Reference for the TCs, which provide information on the overall role of the bodies and the election process. More detail on the various committees, their membership and their technical output is available from the IUMI website, http://www.iumi.com/committees.

Following the recent virtual conference, the following permanent TCs have vacancies (for a 3-year tenure - at expiry of the 3-year period, at the discretion of the respective TC Chair and subject to support from the relevant member association, the membership may be extended or adjourned).

          Facts & Figures (maximum of 17 members) - 2 vacancies
          Cargo Committee (maximum of 17 members) – 2 vacancies
          Ocean Hull Committee (maximum of 15 members) - 3 or 4 vacancies
          Offshore Energy Committee (maximum of 11 members) - 2 vacancies
          Inland Hull, Fishing Vessels and Yachts Committee (maximum of 12 members) - 1 vacancy
          Legal & Liability Committee (maximum of 13 members) – 1 vacancy
          Loss Prevention Committee (maximum of 18 members) – 2 vacancies

Election Timetable and Process:

(i)     22 October 2021 - deadline for nominations to IUMI. Please submit the nomination form noted above and also provide a CV for the candidate.
(ii)    October / November 2021: The respective Technical Committee chairpersons review the suitability of the nominated candidates for their committee and make an unbinding recommendation to the IUMI membership.
(iii)  November 2021: The IUMI Secretary General introduces all candidates to the IUMI membership and calls for voting.
(iv)  November / December 2021: Elections via mail by the IUMI membership.
(v)   December 2021: Announcement of the results, which take effect immediately.

For those considering applying, we would urge particular consideration of the ‘expectations’ outlined in Article 4 of the attached Terms of Reference.

With the above timetable in mind, could interested parties submit the attached nomination form to myself via the contact details above by close of business on Wednesday 20 October 2021.

If there are any questions relating to this circular, or more widely on IUMI, please contact myself via the above details.