Professional Lines Questionnaire

In response to concerns amongst members that the level of data received for pricing reinsurance treaties has deteriorated in recent years the Professional Lines Underwriting Group (PLUG) felt necessary to start a Sub-committee to create a framework to encourage better transmission of data between insurers and reinsurers.

The Professional Lines Questionnaire Sub-group had reviewed and updated an existing Underwriting Information Questionnaire along with an Excel template for bordereau data and a bullet point questionnaire which covers risk data and claims history requirements as well as specific coverage related questions.

Member companies remain free to adopt their own questionnaires and underwriting tools as they deem fit. The Professional Lines Underwriting Group (PLUG) believes that making a template questionnaire and accompanying spreadsheet available for use offers potential benefits and efficiencies to parties who wish to utilise them.

The questionnaire and spreadsheet can be accessed via the links on the right of this page. If there are any queries on this circular or the attached documents please do not hesitate to contact Arpad Kollanyi.
EXCEL Template
(Microsoft Excel Workbook)