Information as of: 30th November 2020

Latest Updates
US Restrictive measures under EO13441 extended for a further year until 1 August 2021.
Financial/Other Sanctions
UN S/Res/1636.
US EO 13441.
EU/UK 2006/625/CFSP.
Arms Embargo
UN S/Res/1701 (2006)
US Yes, Effective 2006
EU/UK 2006/625/CFSP. Effective 2006
Further Details
UN S/Res/1636 (Oct 2005) freezes assets of individuals designated by International Independent Investigation Commission or Government of Lebanon. Ceases when Committee reports to UN that proceedings relating to terrorist attack are completed, unless otherwise decided by UNSC.
US EO 13441 (Jul 2010) potential assets freezes on designated individuals. All restrictive measure under EO13441 were extended for another year effective 30 July 2019. Restrictive measures under EO13441 extended for a further year until 1 August 2021.
EU/UK 2006/625/CFSP (Sep 2006) prohibit financing / providing financial assistance for military activities unless authorised by Lebanese Government or UN force, also designates competent authorities which can grant required authorisations (updated by EU in Jun 2007).
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