IUA Circular 014/21

Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change

with Dr Peter Sousounis, Ph.D., 
Vice President and Director of Climate Change Research, AIR
Event Date:  Tuesday 23rd February 2021
Time:  2pm/14.00 hrs (UK/London time)
Subject:  This IUA online market briefing will provide high-level information about the impact of climate change on different atmospheric perils and how (re)insurers can leverage data and technology to model, mitigate, and price the risk associated with these future climate impacts.  
Contact: Deborah Finch IUA Events Manager

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Most insurance and reinsurance contracts are over a one-year duration; however, regulators and risk managers are increasingly concerned with how to plan for a more distant future climate. Insurers, reinsurers, financial institutions, and policymakers are being asked increasingly pointed questions about their preparedness for the possible effects of a changing climate. More than ever, the global community needs tools and solutions to measure and manage the uncertainties associated with the future climate. Data and technology play crucial roles in mitigating climate risk and our ability to accurately assess and price that risk. 

At this market briefing, our guest speaker, Dr Sousounis,  will discuss the science of climate change, how it is impacting different atmospheric perils, and new methodologies to leverage data and technology to create new solutions for quantifying the current and future impact of climate change. 
Our Speaker:  Dr. Sousounis is Vice President and Director of Climate Change Research at AIR Worldwide. His current responsibilities include ensuring that current and future catastrophe model development at AIR accounts for climate change, identifying products and tools to help clients address their climate change concerns, assisting with global resilience projects, and providing thought leadership in various forms of oral and written communication. Previously at AIR, Dr. Sousounis was Director of Meteorology and was responsible for overseeing all global atmospheric model development, including hurricanes, extratropical cyclones, and severe thunderstorms. He was also responsible for building the first numerically based storm surge model, which was part of the Australia tropical cyclone model, and   the first ever tsunami model, which was part of the Japan earthquake model. Prior to joining AIR, Dr. Sousounis was a Professor of Meteorology at the University of Michigan, where he was a Principal Investigator for the First National Climate Change Assessment, entitled Climate Change Impacts on the United States. Dr. Sousounis has graduate degrees in Meteorology from MIT and Penn State and has authored nearly 100 publications on various topics of weather, climate, climate change, and catastrophe modelling.
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