IUA Circular 057/21

A joint IUA Mini-Market Briefing Session with LMA
Highlighting industry services for business progression

“Changing risks for underwriters:  How climate change will increase the risk of subsidence, coastal erosion, landslides and sinkholes

with Dr Tim Farewell, Science and Communications Director, Terrafirma

Event Chaired by Alex Mitchell, Property Team Leader, Commercial Insurance UK and Chair of IUA Property Underwriting Group

Event Date: 
Wednesday 30 June  2021

Time:  2pm/14.00hrs (UK/London time) for approx 30/45mins
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Subject:  This mini-market briefing will highlight how the insurance market can understand and manage ground risks including subsidence, landslides and coastal erosion.

Contact:   Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

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Climate change is increasing the costs of ground risks to the insurance industry with many of the existing approaches to assessing hazards being outdated or incomplete. Most approaches do not assess the full range of these (often hidden) ground risks.

UK weather records indicate that summers are already becoming hotter and drier which can lead to an increase in subsidence. Relying on historic data as a guide to short-term future risks is becoming an increasingly risky approach as previously unaffected areas of the country are now seeing a growth in claims.  In addition, coastal erosion caused by rising sea levels, storm surges and stronger waves are fast becoming a real challenge for many insurers. Erosion risks also occur inland with natural and man-made slopes, abandoned mines and hazardous sinkholes having a devastating impact on property and land.

At this market briefing, our speaker will discuss the key hazards that insurers and reinsurers should be aware of and how understanding and managing the risks will help to minimize the impact and identify new opportunities for the insurance market.

Our Speaker:

Dr Tim Farewell
is one of the UK’s leading academics on ground hazards. Tim has dedicated much of the last two decades to building climate-adjusted ground risk models for property and infrastructure. He helps insurers, lenders, governments and infrastructure companies understand changing ground hazards, enabling them to make better decisions.

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