IUA Circular 018/20
An IUA Developing Technology Monitoring Group Seminar  

From Science Fiction to Science Fact - The Growth of Tech in the City and how the insurance market will evolve

with Tim Warrington, CEO, Warrington Robotics Ltd
Tom Chamberlain, UW Manager Aerospace and General Aviation – London, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty


Please note that due to current restrictions on travelling and meeting attendance implemented by many companies to address Covid-19 risks, this event, originally due to take place on Friday 13th March, has been postponed. The presentation will be added to our programme for an alternative date later in the year when a revised circular will be distributed.

Subject: At this market briefing, we will discuss the growth of technology and its economical success, exploring how the revolution of science continues to this day and its relevance to the insurance market. 
Contact: Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager

“It isn't faith that makes good science, it's curiosity…” from “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (20th Century Fox 1951. Remade in 2008)
Computers, Smartphones and Alexa maybe the norm in modern society but technology started long before the first mobile phone. It was American scientist Alan Kay The best way to predict the future is to invent it and over 400 years ago, London was fast becoming a hub of development. In 1660, the city attracted innovators such as Sir Christopher Wren, Robert Boyle and Sir William Petty who initially founded the Royal Society, to champion new ways of thinking.
At this market briefing, we will discuss the growth of technology and economical success, exploring how the revolution of science continues to this day and how we can compare and learn from ye olde hi-tech of yesterday for our future and tomorrow’s working environment.
As well as our speaker from the IUA DTMG Committee, we welcome Tim Warrington, CEO, from Warrington Robotics Ltd and hear how a humble vacuum cleaner became an AI success.
Our guest speaker will highlight the variety of technologies used to create their robotic systems, why cyber security is paramount to their designs and how cost implication are encouraged to enable new business to embrace technology.
The market briefing will conclude with a robotic demonstration.
Our Speakers: 
Tom Chamberlain:  After graduating from Oxford University with Master of Mathematics in 2001 and later qualifying as a General Insurance Actuary, Tom gained valuable experience at Aviva where he headed up the Actuarial pricing team in charge of Small Business Commercial and oversaw the development of the pricing and methodology of the new e-broking and i-market platforms for Aviva  in the UK for SMEs. Joining Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS) in 2008, he worked for the Chief Actuary and became the Head of Actuarial Rate Development, responsible for the rollout of global pricing tools across the business. In 2013, Tom became Head of Chief Regions and Markets III Office where he drove execution of the regional strategy in close cooperation with an AGCS Board member and local executive teams, working across multiple regions including London, Dubai, Australia, Nordics, Russia and South America.  Since 2016, as Underwriting Manager General Aviation and Aerospace, London Region, he has been leading a team of senior underwriters, managing the P&L for the region and developing a digital strategy for Aviation globally.
With a strong entrepreneurial focus, having worked with InsurTechs and Tech companies to help insurers self-disrupt, Tom regularly presents at insurance and InsurTech events on developing technologies, such as drones, and is currently the Chair of the IUA’s Developing Technologies Monitoring Group.
Tim Warrington: Warrington Robotics Limited was established in 2017 by Tim Warrington and Claire Warrington, who have been in the entertainment industry since the 2007, when CEO of Photobooths.co.uk.  Tim's idea of an interactive and fun concept which he felt was missing from the entertainment sector, came in the form of robotics, and Warrington Robotics Limited evolved. The company is divided into two: Entertainment and Automation. 
In addition to their current collection of Amy, Eva and Lily, Warrington Robotics are currently testing Dexter, the delivery robot, which should be launched later this year.  The automation aspect of the company is succeeding with Kassow and Franka Emika Robots while integrating them with CNC Machines, Welding Operations and also Pick and place items.  
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