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Details of all IUA market briefings will be posted on this page. These events are free to attend, but registration is required. To register choose the relevant event and follow the registration link. Any speaker recordings or presentation slides will be added to the relevant diary entry after the event.

As a result of remote working practices introduced to combat Covid-19 our events are currently held as online webinars. 

For further information about IUA events and to join our email invite list, please contact Deborah Finch, tel. 020 7 617  4451.

Event Date : 22 September 2028

Focusing on the London Market’s Vision

This market briefing will highlight the progressive work of the LMG, its importance to the growth of the London market and collaboration with industry organisations....
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Event Date : 07 October 2021

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Community

This mini-market briefing will highlight the support and guidance of ELBA and its partners, to those in local communities seeking to pursue a career in the City of London....
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Event Date : 30 September 2021

"Making Hybrid Meetings Work"

This market briefing will cover the successful facilitation of hybrid meetings, from technical considerations to ensuring all participants remain engaged and included, wherever they are based....
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Event Date : 23 September 2021

California Fair Claims Handling Training Session 2

This IUA Market Briefing Training session is designed to provide required California claims handling training, covering all aspects of the regulations relating to Californian claims, and will provide certification* confirming each individual’s attend...
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Event Date : 15 September 2021

The growing skills gap – ignore, or act

"The growing skills gap – ignore, or act?" How to create a culture of innovation and thrive in a digital-driven world...
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Event Date : 14 September 2021

The IUA Interview

At this market briefing, we welcome our guest speaker, Melanie O’Neill, who will chat about her successful career, highlighting how determination and positivity can achieve and maintain success....
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Event Date : 13 September 2021

Casualty Update Series 2

This session is Part 2 of the IUA’s Casualty Update which will address the key topics of E-Scooters and Vnuk (scope of the Motor Insurance Directive)....
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Event Date : 01 September 2021

EU and UK Competition Law for the insurance sector part 2

This IUA training session is designed to provide all members with a basic understanding of EU and UK competition law and to assist them, by means of practical examples, to know what types of agreement and conduct are permissible, and thereby to avoid...
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Event Date : 05 July 2021

Casualty Update Series

This market briefing is a two-part Casualty Update which will address the key topics on the Personal Injury Discount Rate, E-Scooters and Vnuk....
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Event Date : 30 June 2021

How climate change will increase the risk of subsidence, coastal erosion, landslides and sinkholes

How climate change will increase the risk of subsidence, coastal erosion, landslides and sinkholes...
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Event Date : 29 June 2021

Misappropriation and Covid-19

This market briefing will provide an overview of misappropriation losses across late 2019 to date covering the span of the COVID-19 pandemic, and focus upon the impact COVID-19 has had on the scale of losses, the difficulties in conducting stock surv...
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Event Date : 16 June 2021

An update on Model Clause development in the Aviation Market

This market briefing will provide an update on model clauses published for use in the aviation market by the Aviation Insurance Clauses Group (AICG)....
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