Taliban, Al Qaeda, ISIL (Da'esh) & Other Terrorist Entities

Information as of: 21st June 2017 

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Financial/Other Sanctions

UN S/Res/1267 (1999), S/Res/1989 (2011), S/Res/2253 (2015)
US EO 12947, EO 13099, EO 13224, EO 13268 and EO 13372
EU/UK 2002/402/CFSP



Arms Embargo

UN S/Res/1267 (1999), S/Res/1989 (2011), S/Res/2253 (2015)
EU/UK 2002/402/CFSP



Further Details

UN  S/Res/1267 freezes assets of now deceased Osama Bin Laden, designated associates & companies. Reaffirmed Dec 2009 (S/Res/1904). Urges implementation of Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Forty Recommendations on Money Laundering & FATF Nine Special Recommendations on Terrorist Financing. S/Res/2179 (2014), effective 24 Sep 2014, imposes a ban on entry into or transit through a Member State's territory of any individual whom the State has reasonable grounds to believe is seeking entry into or transit through their territory for the purposes of the perpetration, planning, or preparation of, or participation in, terrorist acts or the providing or receiving of terrorist training, and the financing of their travel and of their activities. S/Res/2253 (2015) extends UN asset freeze, travel ban and arms embargo measures to include ISIL (Da'esh) effective 17 Dec 2015.
US List of sanctioned terrorist entities updated frequently. Dec 2010 - certain exemptions introduced to Global Terrorism Sanctions Regulations & Terrorism Sanctions Regulations for provision of legal services & authorising payments for legal services on behalf of blocked persons.
EU/UK The Terrorist Asset-Freezing Act (2010) implements UN Regulation 1373 (2001) and Council Regulation (EU) 2580/2001 in the UK. Sanctions reaffirmed periodically & SDN's & entities on sanctions list regularly amended.


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