Information as of: 8th January 2019

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Financial/Other Sanctions

US EO 12854.



Arms Embargo

US Yes, 49 FR 47682



Further Details

US Longstanding policy objective to isolate the Cuban government economically & deprive it of USD. Stringent import & export rules apply, although there was a relaxation of certain measures in Sep 2009. A licensing system applies for those engaging in travel-related services (list of authorised air travel providers & forwarding services updated periodically & practices updated Jul 2012) & for certain electronic communication providers (Mar 2010)). Effective 29 May 2015, Cuba was removed from the US list of state sponsors of terrorism. A number of vessels removed from SDN list June 2015. 15 Jan 2015 saw the further easing of some travel restrictions and telecoms exports (31 CFR Part 151). WEF 21 Sep 2015 certain restrictions lifted in respect of travel, financial transactions and doing business in the country. OFAC updated FAQ page regarding the provision of Cuba-related insurance Dec 2015 and in relation to USD transactions in Apr 2016 and Jul 2016. The latter made an important clarification on the 'U-turn' general license. 27 Jan 2016 restrictions lifted in respect of certain payment and financing restrictions for authorised exports, certain restrictions on Cuban Airlines lifted and some transactions authorised. 16 Mar 2016 further restrictions lifted in respect of travel, financial transactions and doing business in the country. 8 US airlines have been granted permission by the US Department of Transportation (DOT) to begin scheduled flights between the US and Cuba effective 31 Aug 2016. Wef: 17th October 2016; 31 CFR Part 515 amends the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) to include changes to safety-related services for Civil Aviation, allows certain vessel transactions and generally authorises air cargo to transit Cuba. Wef: 9th November, CACR amended to include restrictions on direct financial transactions with firms related to the Cuban military, intelligence, and security services. SDN list updated periodically.


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