IUA Circular 088/20

The IUA HR & Training Committee present

Ch – Ch – Ch – Changes …Turn and face the strange
Redefining 'normal' in the modern, pandemic-proof workplace


with Teresa Bentley, MBA, MSc Psychology Change and Transformation Director, Renia Limited and Jillian Naylor, Employment Law Partner, Linklaters LLP 

Event Date:  Thursday 15 October 2020

Time:  2pm/14:00 hrs (London/UK time) for 1 hour

Contact: Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451) 

Subject:   As Covid-19 restrictions eased and calls from the government to return to office life, organisations have been in the process of reinventing their operations and reintroducing staff back into the workplace. But with recent restriction announcements, what might our environment look like when we finally return?  How can we ensure the changes to the way we work are successful? What are the legal implications of these new ways of working and how might this affect employment contracts? This briefing will answer these questions and help those implementing or affected by the changes ahead.

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Balancing the enormity of a return to the workplace whilst keeping your employees safe is not easy. But, following the challenge of transitioning and supporting an entire workforce to work from home successfully in an incredibly short space of time, logistics on how to incorporate those working from home back to the office, are paramount to employers. 
With no clear end to the pandemic in sight, tactical and strategic changes to the way we work will need planning. There will be a great opportunity to bring about wider adjustment, including working practices, work life balance and culture change. 
At this market briefing presentation our guest speaker, Teresa, will highlight some of the expected, immediate changes to the way we work and how to successfully incorporate and balance safety requirements with the needs of the business and psychological welfare of its employees. We also welcome Jillian who will explain legalities associated with these changes.

 ''Still don't know what you're waiting for?'' Our speakers will discuss how employers can ensure the new ways of working and alterations to behaviour can be better understood by those affected. They will also consider the ch-ch-ch-changes from the perspective of the employees who are being asked to work differently. “Oh, look out you rock 'n rollers”, sign up today and help make this new way of working a success!


Teresa Bentley
is a change and transformation professional with thirty years’ of experience in the insurance industry and several industry awards to her name.  Teresa takes a psychology based approach to change and her work ranges from leading large scale transformation programmes, to coaching leaders tasked with designing and implementing change.  
She is perhaps best known for designing and delivering the award winning London Insurance Life campaign to attract a new generation of diverse talent for the London market. Teresa led the LMG’s 2019 research report into the future of skills in the London market and continues to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving world of work. 
Jillian Naylor, Employment Law Partner at Linklaters LLP will provide a reminder on the Government’s recently announced expectations and take us through the employment law aspects, what we should be thinking about and doing now alongside the potential pitfalls. Themes that will be covered include employment rights, health and safety, transport and employee communications as well as key sources aligned to latest Government information.

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