IUA Circular 021/22

Li-ion Vehicle Fires – Risks and responsibilities

with DAVID HANDLEY Of Counsel and Master Mariner Watson Farley & Williams LLP


Welcome to all from Tom Hughes, Senior Market Services Executive, IUA Chaired by ICIC Representative: James Wilkes, Managing Director, Gray Page Limited

Event Date:  06 April 2022

Time:  2pm/14:00hrs for approx 1 hour  (UK/London time) 

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Subject:  This market briefing will be beneficial to those involved in or have relevance to shipping EVs or operate in or around the car carrier of ferry fleet, and will be a timely reminder of some basic precautions that should be taken.

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

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As Electric Vehicles represent a higher proportion of the new cars driven off showroom forecourts they will inevitably represent a higher proportion of the vehicles shipped worldwide. Increasing numbers of shipped EVs combined with the electrification of other types of vehicle, either entirely or partially through hybrid models, will find ship operators carrying an increasing number of lithium ion batteries on their vessels.

Lithium Ion batteries may not be any more likely to catch fire but those fires that do arise are far more difficult to deal with when compared to any other Vehicle Fire.

At present, no real viable solution to fighting a Lithium Ion vehicle fire on a ship is available. Despite this, it appears that ship owners are unaware of the type of vehicle they are transporting and Cargo insurance makes no allowance for the different types of vehicles shipped.

This event will be beneficial to those involved in or have relevance to shipping EVs or operate in or around the car carrier of ferry fleet, and will be a timely reminder of some basic precautions that should be taken. 

Our Speaker

David Handley is an Of Counsel and Master Mariner in WFW’s Dispute Resolution Group. David has over a decade of experience in dispute resolution and qualified as a solicitor in 2014.

He has experience in all areas of maritime dispute resolution from personal injury to major marine casualties. David is equally at home advising on a charter party dispute as he is on complex admiralty issues or advising clients on regulatory or travel law issues.  This range of experience allows him to see cases from multiple angles to ensure that the important issues are properly addressed. 

The combination of his legal skills and his extensive operational experience allows him to really understand his clients’ problems and often find quick and  innovative solutions to minimise their impact. 

David has also acted as an expert consultant to the Editors of Marsden and Gault on Collisions at Sea (15th Ed.) to review the Chapter on the Court’s interpretation of the Collision Regulations.

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