IUA Circular 020/17

Emerging Technologies for Forensic Investigation
“3D Laser Scanning and other market leading Investigative Tools”

with Bryan Emond, P.E., CMI, Senior Project Engineer, S-E-A

Event Date:  Thursday 06 April 2017

Time:  12noon to 1pm

Venue: America Square Conference Centre, London EC3

Subject: This market briefing presentation will demonstrate industry leading technologies including 3D Laser scanning for the accurate and thorough digital documentation of an accident site to millimeter precision.

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The investigation of complex losses presents many challenges to the insurance professional and technical expert. There are several sophisticated technologies which can be utilized to assist the insurance underwriter, claims professional, technical expert and solicitor in evaluating the claim for cause of loss, scope of damage, and assessing responsibility or liability.

This market briefing will demonstrate industry leading technologies including 3D Laser scanning for the accurate and thorough digital documentation of an accident site to millimeter precision. This technology is employed by criminal investigators and is also being applied to many different loss types including fire and explosions, vessel collisions and allisions, accident reconstruction and personal injury.

In addition, the presentation will also provide examples of the use of other technologies including electronic data retrieval from vessel equipment such as Engine Control Modules (ECMs) and Global Positioning System (GPS) devices, Automated Information System (AIS) data, side-scan sonar, Remote Operated Vehicles (ROV), thermal imaging, X-rays, vessel instrumentation and testing, computer aided modeling, and computer visualization.

The aim of this presentation is to highlight the importance of integrating these technologies with each other, the overall investigation, and the available evidence.

Our Speaker:  Bryan Emond, P.E., CMI is a Senior Project Engineer for S-E-A., responsible for investigating and analyzing marine and mechanical engineering projects, specializing in component and product failure analysis. Prior to joining S-E-A, he served for 21 years as a commissioned officer of the United States Coast Guard where he performed duties related to commercial vessel safety. An expert in U.S. and international vessel safety and pollution prevention standards, as well as classification society rules and guidelines, his expertise also includes human factors and he evaluates vessel hydrostatic and stability characteristics, and performs salvage engineering analyses.

Mr. Emond received his Engineering Degrees from the United States Coast Guard Academy and the US Naval Postgraduate School and is also a Certified Marine Investigator and a licensed Professional Engineer. A published author in the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers Guidelines for Forensic Investigations and Marine Technology, he a member of the Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers the International Association of Marine Investigators, and the Transportation Research Board.

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