IUA Circular 046/22

California Fair Claims Handling Training Session 4

with Dan Brown, Partner, McDermott, Will & Emery LLP

Event Date: Friday 10 June 2022

Time:  3.30pm/15.30hrs (UK/London time) for approx 90 mins 
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Subject:  This IUA Market Briefing Training session is designed to provide required California claims handling training, covering all aspects of the regulations relating to Californian claims, and will provide certification* confirming each individual’s attendance.

Contact:  Deborah Finch, IUA Events Manager (020 7617 4451)

* Certification for this event will be supplied directly from the speaker and not the IUA.  Please click here to register and confirm/decline your authorisation for IUA to supply your details to our speaker for this purpose only.

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This is a free event, but names and email addresses of all attendees are required for registration.  Please click here to register.

Please adhere to on line etiquette during our presentations.  We kindly ask you to mute your microphone and video upon commencing the link and to use the Chat application for any  questions, which will be addressed by the speaker at the end of the presentation. We suggest dialling in at least 5 mins before the start of the webinar.
Please note that any recording of this event will be available post-event in DropBox format, subject to speaker authorisation.

The California Department of Insurance continues to take the view that anyone involved in handling, adjusting, or settling claims on California risks, even on behalf of non-admitted London-based insurers, must receive annual training on California’s Fair Claims Practices regulations. 

All such adjusters must maintain records of receiving this training on an annual basis. 

This 90-minute market briefing training session is designed to provide the required training, covering all aspects of the regulations, and will provide certification* confirming each individual’s attendance. 

We will use case studies to demonstrate how various aspects of the regulations are implemented and provide time to ask questions.

*Certification for this event will be supplied directly from the speaker and not the IUA.  Please register HERE to confirm your authorisation for IUA to supply your details to our speaker for this purpose only.
Our Speaker:

Dan Brown
represents insurance companies, start-ups, agents, brokers and other stakeholders in all aspects of the admitted, exempt and surplus lines insurance markets in the United States.  Dan is the outside general counsel to the California Surplus Line Association.

He advises on how to comply with various state laws in placing business; early-stage and developed insurtech entities on regulatory and corporate issues; insureds on exempt and specialty lines; producers on licensing, placement and premium tax issues, including digitization of the process; and insureds on coverage and placement issues. In addition, Dan supports London market participants on how to comply with US insurance laws, either by becoming admitted insurers or by using a variety of methods of covering US risks without being licensed.

Dan presents trainings on California’s Fair Claims Handling regulations to enable licensed producers and claims handlers to comply with all aspects of the regulations, including annual training requirements. He also helps clients draft, amend, lobby for or seek department clarification regarding statutes or regulations affecting their businesses.

Insurers and producers looking at affiliate transactions seek Dan’s counsel on preparing the necessary applications and obtaining approvals from departments of insurance. He advises on pre-transaction strategies, preparation of necessary corporate documents and agreements, and execution of the application process. Dan also advises clients on information privacy and restrictions on sharing personal, non-public information with affiliates and non-affiliates.

Anti-Trust Statement: It is the clear and unequivocal policy of IUA to comply in all respects with all applicable competition or antitrust laws. Consequently, IUA Market Briefing Attendees will not participate in any practice that would have the object or effect of restricting competition, nor will IUA provide a forum to promote anti-competitive conduct. In particular, any discussion or agreement on key commercial terms, such as commercial premiums, is likely in all instances to be unlawful and must be avoided. A competition law ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ guide is available and the IUA is happy to answer any questions on competition law that  attendees may have.