There are three categories of IUA membership which are outlined below. Full lists of IUA member companies may be viewed by clicking on the links in the menu bar on the left.

Ordinary – denotes full membership status with voting rights and an active involvement in the governance and operation of the association. Ordinary membership is open to international and wholesale insurance and reinsurance companies that hold a license from their domiciliary regulator to transact such business. In practice, most Ordinary members tend to operate in or through London.

Associate – open to insurance and reinsurance companies outside of London. Associate members may attend the association’s annual general meeting, but have no voting rights. They receive a basic publication service.

Affiliate – introduced in January 2003 to cater for London market organisations who are either in run-off or who provide professional services to the association’s Ordinary members. Affiliate membership confers no voting rights but offers the benefit of the IUA’s information services. Affiliate members may also, where appropriate, take part in the IUA’s committee activity.